Meaningless T-Shirts is a celebration of bum-brained banality in modern fashion design. We’re talking clothes emblazoned with random place names, made-up organisations, arbitrary numbers, nonsensical statements – that sorta wiffle.

If you’d like to contribute, please e-mail images of heroically inane apparel to meaninglesstshirts@gmail.com – and a Chicago Sports 1976 to you all.


13 responses to “ABOUT / CONTACT

  1. i share your enthusiasm for asking ‘what the fuck does that t-shirt even mean?’, but i don’t have a hilarious blog to match. tip of the hat to you, sir.

  2. Absolutely wonderful blog, have Tweeted to all my friends!

  3. Lovin the blog, pissed myself laughing at the Miriam Margoyles Labia analogy!
    Keep it up I need this blog for gratification purposes unbeknown to me, just like many of those T-Shirts..lol

    Think I’m gonna whats the word for Facebook my friends! Ah yeah Facefuck, thats right!

  4. Great blog.

    Im going to submit some pictures that’ll really step it up, you don’t know the meaning of meaningless yet hahah

  6. Thanks for all the support – glad you’re enjoying the blog!

    Together, we can beat this thing…

  7. So, so brilliant. Great site!

  8. Hey, the next time you’re apprehended by a burly H&M security guard for photographing their highly original wares, just say that you are a spokesman for the Casdia Reef fisheries dept. or first officer from ‘Flight 101’ airways and you are compiling evidence to launch a substantial lawsuit against them for infringing on your trademarked properties. Or just run really fast!

  9. Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! You speak my mind! A brilliant broadside on a culture that misses the irony of a shop called ‘Officers Club’ selling garb that even a latrine orderly wouldn’t be seen dead wearing.

    Don’t miss… Meaningless T-Shirts: The Movie…

  10. thankyou for this blog. my faith in humanity is restored and my funny-bone considerably tickled.

  11. i went travelling through Europe ease to west last year and saw so many of these t shirts and i thought “that would make a hilarious blog,” and here it is! kudos!

    NB some of my faves i saw were”these haunts of life…” and “Jungle Fever” HAHAHA

  12. Fab site – I particularly like the faux sailing references which appear to bought only by people who never go near the sea

    I raise my hat!

  13. Love the blog. Love it to US Marine Corps Disco Style Fun levels.

    Always wondered if somewhere across the other side of the world there were people who thought that companies and organisations from my past were as cool as UK t shirt designers think Japanese or US ones are?

    Put more simply – are there Japanese teens wearing cool black t’s with ‘8th Bristol Cub Scouts – be prepared’ on the front?

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