Well now, this is a new development: New York and Chicago, traditionally fierce rivals in the fake-souvenir-garment racket (and also, of course, the frozen-pizza racket) have obviously put aside their differences and joined forces, in order to ruthlessly dominate the global nonsensical T-shirt trade.

How long before the West Coast contingent wants ‘in’ on this all-powerful new cabal of banality, and we see the first “New York & Chicago & California 1976 Sports Team” T-shirts coming through? Then it’ll be Miami, then Hawaii will get involved…

I’d like to see T-shirt designers be a little more imaginative with their meaningless locations – howsabout one that reads “Kabul & Bognor Regis & The Moons Of Jupiter”? It’d give the impression that you’ve just been on one helluva holiday.

Thanks to smelltherage

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2 responses to “MOB CEASEFIRE

  1. Hey, look Ma – my chest is on the interweb!

  2. Great blog- great idea- what were they thinking of maybe London and Leeds for our version. Grant

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